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Regen Online: The Natural Gas Dehydrator Specialist in Western Canada

Proudly serving the oil and gas companies of Western Canada for more than 10 years, Regen Online offers a unique fluid regeneration process to the natural gas industry.

No Downtime
Regen Online Process Fluid Regeneration is an exclusive process where we can turnaround and optimize your dehydrators online without shutting down your operation to perform an expensive caustic flush. By servicing online, you never have downtime during servicing. The regeneration process is done while still maintaining full production capacity. This equates to an uninterrupted revenue stream for your company.
Our tried and true method has produced great results!

Two-Stage Program
Our exclusive system works in two stages:
• Corrective Maintenance: We return the dehydrators to previous performance duty.
• Preventative Maintenance: A long-term solution to keep your dehydrators at peak performance.

Our services include a complete consultation to troubleshoot your problems and provide you with a professional recommendation and solution.

Contact Regen Online today to learn more about you can start saving valuable time and money with our maintenance services.

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